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About The Antarctic Office

The Antarctic Office has been established by the Christchurch City Council in recognition of Christchurch and New Zealand’s unique Antarctic relationship. The Antarctic Office has a mandate to lead the development of, and support the fulfilment of, the Antarctic City Strategy.

The Antarctic Office provides strategic direction and leadership that reaches across all Antarctic related services, infrastructure, public engagement and support to New Zealand’s global influence on Antarctic issues. Our aim is to add value to each of our partners and to the city as a whole - we help join the dots. It is a New Zealand-wide effort, with Christchurch as New Zealand’s Antarctic centre of endeavor.

Our role is to foster relationships, collaborations and connections that we have with local and central government, businesses, researchers, transport providers, education, and tourism providers. By opening doors of collaboration, we move closer to our common goals.

We are continually looking for ways to improve operational efficiencies, unlock new funding opportunities and un-tap hidden potential.

The key to the success of the Antarctic City Strategy is creating an engaged city and nation of Antarctic advocates. Our public events will build tangible and emotional connections with the Antarctic, creating new levels of support and advocacy.

The Antarctic City Strategy outlines a new vision for Christchurch and New Zealand. The Antarctic Office’s aim is to support New Zealand’s Antarctic stakeholders to achieve that vision.