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Image copyright information

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USCGC Polar Star, Lyttelton © Embassy of the United States of America.

Scott polar tent ©Anthony Powell.

Emperor penguins © Anthony Powell.

Barne Glacier © Anthony Powell.

Satellite Dome, Antarctica © Anthony Powell.

Sculptural construction by Gabby O'Connor © Triebels Photography.


Ice cave © Anthony Powell.

Port of Lyttelton © Pam Carmichael.

The Antarctic Office: Icebreaker IBV Araon, Lyttelton © Peter McCarthy.

Christchurch & Antarctica: USAP C-17, Christchurch Airport © Peter McCarthy.

Who we are: Eric Assendelft © Courtesy of Eric Assendelft.

Chloё Dear © Courtesy of Chloё Dear.

Sue McFarlane © Courtesy of Sue McFarlane.

Lydia McLean © Briar Hubbard.

Esther Last © Andrea Herbert.

Andrea Herbert © Esther Last.


Sulptural installation by Gabby O'Connor © Triebels Photography.

Sled dogs, Christchurch © Triebels Photography.

Festivals & events: Visitors at Mini IceFest 2016 © Aaron Campbell.


Dry dock, Lyttelton © Anthony Powell.

SOFIA at Christchurch Airport © NASA.

Antarctic innovation: Scientists (K131) in Antarctica © Anthony Powell.

Antarctic cities project: Pier in Ushuaia © David Stanley.

Climathon NZ: Antarctic glacier © Anthony Powell.


Pressure ridges in front of Mount Erebus © Anthony Powell.

Bronze statue by Mark Whyte, Lyttelton © Pam Carmichael.

Our Antarctic city: Robert Falcon Scott and the Polar Party statue, Christchurch © Peter McCarthy.

Antarctic information: Emperor penguins, Antarctica © Anthony Powell.