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Fostering innovation

The Antarctic Office, via The Antarctic City Strategy, fosters understanding and collaboration between Antarctic stakeholders and wider partner organisations, in order to increase the opportunities for innovation both nationally and internationally.

New Zealand has a strong history of innovation and innovators; William Pickering, Ernest Rutherford, and John Britten – to name a few – brought their technological innovations to a world stage.  Today, the challenge is the development of critical technologies that support Antarctic science and give room for new partnerships and models of cooperation.

COMNAP (Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs) and SCAR (The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research) have variously identified the most critical scientific questions facing the global Antarctic science community, and the need to change the way Antarctic science is undertaken.

The Antarctic Office, in collaboration with central government and industry, is developing a number of proof-of-concept projects to test the viability of commercially available technology to support Antarctic science and address the critical scientific questions of our day. It is expected that these projects will help to identify future R&D opportunities that will benefit New Zealand industry, the Antarctic science community and New Zealand’s emerging innovation sector.